Fuel Oil Safety Tips

Fuel oil storage tanks

  • Have your fuel tank inspected by a trained professional. It is important to periodically check your fuel oil storage tank for defects that could possibly lead to a leak. Leaking fuel oil can contaminate water and soil as well as damage property and affect indoor air quality.
  • Inspect your fill pipes, vent alarm and tank plugs for any leaks that may be present.
  • Contact Ferguson Fuels for assistance with this inspection

What to do if you have an oil spill/leak

  • If fuel is leaking from your storage tank or piping contact Ferguson Fuels or your local fire department immediately.  Make an attempt to contain the leaking fuel within a specific area.  Try to keep the fuel from entering any floor drains or sump pump areas.
  • Know the location of the oil shutoff and how to operate it.
  • We DO NOT recommend that you attempt to repair a fuel leak yourself.  Please contact Ferguson Fuels for assistance.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Oil burning appliances are equipped with safety controls for your protection. These controls are designed to shut off the burner if they detect something is wrong. If the burner does shut off it may be reset by pressing the reset button.  It is recommended that you only push the reset button (1) one time in the attempt to restart the burner.  If this does not get the burner to operate call Ferguson Fuels for assistance.
  • Broedel Energy, along with appliance and tank manufacturers, recommend having your oil burning appliances and oil storage tank maintained annually.
  • An annual tune-up of your heating system is a good investment and includes an in-depth inspection of the inner workings to help maintain performance and efficiency.  Contact Ferguson Fuels to schedule an appointment.
  • Make sure to have any vents, chimneys, or flues inspected each year.

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