Fuel Oil & Kerosene

Fuel Oil

Delivering diesel fuel

Two of the most popular forms of heating products in the North East, Ferguson Fuels offers both Fuel Oil and Kerosene for homes, business and agricultural use.

# 2 Fuel Oil or Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Oil is a very common heating source in our area.  We recommend that if your fuel tank is inside your basement or sheltered from the elements to use fuel oil.  More homes rely on the comfort and savings of oil heat for their homes.  Today’s oil is well refined, it is clean and efficient.  Most oil burning heating systems on the market today have 85-95% efficiency rating, meaning for every dollar you spend, 85-95 cents worth of heat or hot water is delivered within your home.

Benefits of Fuel Oil:

  • Clean and Efficient
  • Safe, it is non-explosive, it will not even burn in a liquid state like other heating sources
  • Warm & Cozy, Oil heat flames burn 300 degrees hotter than natural gas heating your home faster
  • Economical, costs are consistently lower than natural gas or electricity
  • No Delivery Fee
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Price Protection Programs Available
  • 24/ 7 Emergency Service

Dyed Kerosene

If your tank is outside in the elements, we suggest using kerosene to avoid any gelling issues the fuel may encounter in cold temperatures. Kerosene is a popular choice in the colder climate. Ferguson Fuels offers delivery of dyed kerosene for your home or business.

Benefits of Kerosene

  • Clean burning, produces less fumes in its paraffin form and is better to burn than coal or wood
  • Kerosene has a long shelf life and is easier to store for longer periods of time
  • Does not gel in the winter in cold tempaures.
  • No Delivery Fee
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Price Protection Programs Available
  • 24/ 7 Emergency Service

Fuel Oil & Dyed Kerosene Blend

We appreciate that there are folks that don’t want to pay the price for kerosene but still want the security of knowing that their fuel will not gel in their outside tank. We offer a blend for those who want to receive a fuel oil delivery knowing they will not have to worry about any problems with their fuel.

Contact us for more details on our blend.